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Chicken Tamale Pie

Are you ready for the easiest and most delicious meal ever? This chicken tamale pie is perfect for those Fall & Winter nights ahead. An easy version of chili with cornbread on top! Brian and I love it so…


Botox With Tori & Feeling Beautiful

I am 32 years old and YES I get Botox! Honestly, I wish I would have started sooner. When I say that I usually get one of two responses: “OMG, amazing! I do it too.” or “Can you tell…


Anniversary Ideas

Well y’all as I head into my 5 year anniversary weekend I cannot help but reminisce on mine and Brians big day. How has it already been five years?? While every detail of our wedding day was not perfect,…


Car Caddy

Headed out? Don’t worry about forgetting anything with a pre-packed car caddy! Let’s face it mamas, leaving the house with a toddler is a task. The fear of forgetting something is real. We have all been there. Poopy diaper?…


Easter Bunny Basket

Easter is definitely going to look different this year. However, like most parents, I will do everything in my power to make Easter special for our daughter. During these difficult times I feel it’s important to do our best…



Today I woke up with anxiety. A heavy weight on my chest of uncertainty. With so many ‘what if’s’ running through my head I found myself losing control. The emotions come in waves. Some people will call this an…


All About LifeVac

It’s true what they say when you become a parent, you will feel a love like no other. However, along with that amazing feeling you will also feel equally worried. At least that is the case for me. My…

Home Decor

Heart Wall

From the moment I started planning Meadow’s room, I had a vision of incorporating black hearts into the decor. The shape is cute, girly, young and the classic black keeps her room a style she can grow into. I…


Loving On Lalo

As a new mom I am always shopping for our girl and love doing so. I spent a good amount of time hunting for the perfect high chair. As Meadow was quickly growing, I knew the next step of…

Home Decor

Glamorous Fall Tablescape

For a few months now I have had grand plans to create an epically stylish tablescape. I’ve finally knocked that off my to do list. I think having a decorated table for each season takes your home decor to…