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Loving On Lalo

As a new mom I am always shopping for our girl and love doing so. I spent a good amount of time hunting for the perfect high chair. As Meadow was quickly growing, I knew the next step of feeding baby food was quickly approaching and the pressure was on to find the perfect chair. After searching online and taking a few trips to Buy Buy Baby, I did a lot of comparing. I never pulled the trigger because I didn’t like any of the ones I was seeing. I know this seems a bit dramatic, it’s just a high chair right!? But y’all know, one, I love a good deal and two, all of the chairs I was seeing quite honestly were ugly. As a super stylish mom, I refused to have an ugly eye sore in our beautiful kitchen. A high chair isn’t something you hide away each night, so it was very important to me that it matched and looked modern. Along with that, I wanted the chair to be fully functional and transitional as Meadow grows. One day, I was scrolling on Instagram and BOOM, I found LALO. It was high chair love at first sight! 

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price! Like what!? A beautiful modern high chair with wooden legs for under $200?! Finally a brand that is affordable AND looks the part for our style! The coolest feature about the LALO chair is that as your baby grows into a toddler, the legs of the chair can be switched out and transition into the perfect little chair. Having a 2-in-1 feature makes it even more worth the already affordable price. We decided to go with the color black and I absolutely love it. Did I mention that the tray is dishwasher safe, making clean up super easy? Like how fantastic is that?! Also, the stain proof infant cushion is washable, gives your baby a little boost and extra comfort. Truly, I love this chair and highly recommend it! 

Now, let’s talk about this super cute, pink stroller. I am slightly obsessed with the color. Talk about a fashion statement on wheels! Everything about this stroller is fantastic. Much like the LALO high chair, as your baby grows the stroller adjusts to fit your needs. An all in one for an amazing price. Unlike most brands, the LALO stroller also comes with everything you need like stroller hooks, car seat adapters, a parent organizing bag, weather covers and seat liners. The best perk of all, which I was shocked to find, was a phone charger! Now I can stroll and chat without worrying about my phone dying. LALO thinks of every little detail! This stroller rides smooth, the straps comfortably hold your baby in securely and it is definitely worth the purchase. Also ladies if you want the pink stroller but are worried your man won’t like the idea just show him this picture of my husband. As Brian would say ” Real Men Push Pink. ” 

It comes as no surprise to me that LALO has been featured in Motherhood Maternity, The Bump and is a top choice for some major celebrities! Parents of the world, if you are on the hunt for the perfect high chair or stroller be sure to check out LALO. Clearly from the picture below even Meadow thinks LALO is #1! At the bottom I attached a few discount code links to save y’all a little money. If you have any questions about the product feel free to send me an email.



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Home Decor

Glamorous Fall Tablescape

For a few months now I have had grand plans to create an epically stylish tablescape. I’ve finally knocked that off my to do list. I think having a decorated table for each season takes your home decor to the next level. Per usual I wanted ours to be glamorous and beautiful with a touch of sparkle. I asked my friend and home decor expert, Jenny Reimold, for some help. Before I jump into all of the tablescape details, let me tell you a little about Jenny.


Jenny is truly mom goals. I admire her ability to balance it all. She is a mom of 7, MLB wife, HomeGoods styling expert, HGTV contributing writer and to top it all off an adoption/foster care advocate. The content Jenny shares daily is a mixture of home decor tips, parenting, fashion and everyday life. She is truly so funny, down to earth and real. Which is so refreshing to see in the social media world. If you don’t follow her, you should!

We purchased everything we needed to create my tablescape at Pier 1. I love Pier 1 because they have stylish pieces and are always up to date with the home decor trends. To make my life easier & to stay on budget I told Jenny I wanted to find some staple pieces I could re use for each season. First, Jenny found the placemats and from there we mixed and matched different styles until we found the perfect pieces. Sticking to my usual color scheme of silver, cream and rhinestone. We found the perfect napkins, napkin holders, pumpkins, candle sticks and greenery. Once we finished shopping, we headed to my house to put the table together. While doing so Jenny taught me the importance of creating balance & height to create the perfect tablescape. For a pop of personalization, I added custom battery operated candles my mom made for me with our family photos on them. The table turned out absolutely beautiful! I’m looking forward to enjoying this fall glam tablescape all season.


If you are planning on creating your own glamorous fall tablescape and love the way mine looks, you can find all of the pieces at Pier 1. As always, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

Joelle Masterson
Epically Stylish


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Pretty Front Porch

A front porch was a ‘must have’ for me when on our house hunt. I love having that little extra space to enjoy the outdoors. Sitting outside with family & friends is so nice. It also makes for the perfect date night spot. We pour ourselves a glass of wine & chill. Something about the front porch speaks to my soul. This summer we decided to finally decorate ours & I am thrilled with how it turned out.
Most people don’t think about front porch decor as a big deal, however, I think it is super important! It is your guests first impression of your home. It is also the one space strangers view. So why not put your personal touch on it & make a statement!? If you follow my home decor you know I have a serious love for all things black & white. I continued that color scheme outdoors to match the inside of our home. I spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect decor. Eventually we ended up finding everything we needed at a variety of stores; Kirkland’s, At Home Store, Etsy, Target, Facebook Market Place, and Amazon.
It’s all in the swing. I absolutely love a front porch swing. I had one growing up & it was my favorite place to hang out. I would spend hours on it, chatting with friends & reading books. A local family here in Franklin, TN makes them. We decided to support their small business & purchased our crib size swing from them. To save us $50 we decided to stain it ourselves. I am proud to say I did most of the staining on my own until Brian couldn’t handle how slow I was moving and took over the project. Men I tell ya! I have to give my husband serious props hanging the swing was so easy task. He did a fantastic job leveling it out & safely hanging. We got the mattress for our swing & the cover on Amazon. To make it cozy I added throw pillows from Kirklands. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite spots to read to Meadow.
We didn’t want to spend a ton of money on front porch furniture. Especially because we have a large back porch we are working on. The At Home Store is the perfect place to find what you need at a decent price. We decided to go with black metal chairs, which can easily be stored away & cleaned. We topped them with black and white stripe cushion covers. Then found the cutest white metal table to match. To give the table a little life I added fun coasters & a faux succulent plant. We placed a stylish outdoor rug under to make the space feel cozy & complete.
I wanted our front door to feel inviting. To do so I added fun signs, lanterns that glow, a monogram wreath, & last but not least a custom door mat. I collaborated with the most amazing shop on Etsy called Blue Sparrow Designs Co. Cindy, the owner, is absolutely fabulous. I told her what I wanted & she created our door mat even better than expected. Blue Sparrow can customize a ton of products. Use my code Stylish10 for 10% off your order.
Lastly we added outdoor curtains in the corners & tied them off with boho rope holders. They are perfect for blocking the sun & creating extra privacy. Outdoor curtains are so stylish & took the look of our porch to the next level. To make shopping easier for you I linked all of the decor below. Creating this pretty little space has been a blast. We are excited to have this project completed & the perfect porch to enjoy for years to come.
Epically Stylish
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Itzy Ritzy Recap

Being a new mom, I am all about trying to find products that are affordable, functional and fashion forward. Babies grow quickly and the things they need are constantly changing. Finding good quality products for a decent price can be a challenge, so that’s why I had to tell y’all about one of my favorite baby brands, Itzy Ritzy. They have the cutest, must-have products!

Itzy Ritzy has adorable baby accessories, diaper bags, car seat covers and so much more. The best part is everything is totally affordable and can be used for years to come. You all know I’m all about cute products for a decent price. The hubby appreciates it too, so it’s a win-win!

Itzy Ritzy is fashion forward! You can tell they take the time to create products moms actually want to carry. The moment I got my Itzy Mini Black backpack diaper bag in the mail, I ditched my old bulky one. As a stylist & fashionista I couldn’t stand how it took away from my outfit. My new mini is adorable and looks like a stylish purse. I am also able to fit everything in the bag thanks to its well planned out compartments. I purchased a fun puff accessory to give my bag a little more sass and style. Do yourself a favor ladies and get one of these backpacks!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re out and about and baby has a blowout. Nothing like changing a baby in public and having no place to store the dirty, wet clothing without getting everything else a mess! I’m loving my Travel Happens Large Sealed Wet Bag during those moments. It’s a perfect place to keep those messy, soiled clothes until you get home. There are a ton of fun prints, but I went with the classic black and white Dot Dot Dash. I’ll totally be ordering some of their smaller size snack bags as well once our baby is at age where we need snacks on the go!

Call me crazy, but I’m constantly afraid my girl will catch a cold or some sort of germ from being constantly exposed in public. I keep Meadow protected with my Cozy Happens Infant Car Seat Canopy & Tummy Time Mat. Goodbye blankets that constantly fall off! I love the velcro attachments that hold the canopy in place. The material on this cover is super soft and I love that it plays double duty as a tummy time mat. In my opinion all moms need this versatile product!

Teething is no fun, but your teether can be! I swear Itzy creates the cutest teethers I’ve ever seen. Mini cupcakes, unicorns, ice cream cones and latte cups are just a few of my personal favorites. Your baby is bound to make a statement while chewing on one of these. The teether mitts are also amazing because they keep your baby from scratching his or her face and are easy for babies that can’t quite hold a teether yet. I got the pineapple one for Meadow! It’s seriously so adorable!

You can find Itzy products in Target and Buy Buy Baby. I’ve linked all of my favorite items below, but be sure to check out the whole website. To save some money I got y’all a code! Use Joelle25 for 25% off at checkout on select items! Happy baby shopping babes!




How To Make Our Favorite Crepes

Growing up my siblings and I were spoiled with a variety of gourmet meals because my mom is an amazing cook. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was until I moved out on my own and hot pockets became my new reality. I definitely didn’t get her cooking skills, thats for sure. I have recently gotten more into cooking and stealing her recipes now that I’m a wife & mom to be. Luckily, she is super patient because I have to call her a million times or ask for a recipe over and over. After a million attempts I finally mastered her crepes. Brian is obsessed and is always requesting them. We love them for breakfast or dinner. I’ve tested these on our friends & they are always blown away. Every time I post pictures of the crepes on my social media I get a million messages. Finally, as promised, here is a post of the recipe & instructions on how to make them.

What you need for the mix-

2 eggs
1 cup of flour
1 cup of milk
3 TSP butter
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of vanilla
Dash of sugar
Dash of salt
Cooking oil spray

Tip- Mix the ingredients all together & If possible let the batter sit in the fridge for about an hour. They are easier to cook when the batter sits for a bit & is cold.

What you need for toppings and filling-

Whip cream – ( My favorite is Reddi Whip extra creamy but my mom calls that cheating because she makes it homemade 🙂 )
Chocolate Chip Minis
Fresh chopped strawberries
Sliced banana

1- Spay pan with cooking oil. Pour a half cup of batter into pan to form a thin layer. I tip the pan back and forth to roll it around to form a very thin pancake. As soon as you take the cooked crepe off the pan put chocolate chips in the middle and fold over so they melt. Continue these steps until the entire batter is gone.

2- Open crepe and fill with bananas, strawberries, whip cream, & fold. Then top with more whip cream and sprinkle cinnamon.

3- Serve warm & enjoy!! I bet you make more because you can’t just stop with one.

If you make these yummy crepes be sure to tag @meetthemastersons! I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!


Joelle & Brian

Next on the blog we are sharing a reveal of our baby girl’s nursery! Stay up to date with us on Instagram @meetthemastersons. Have a question or blog suggestion email us at [email protected]

Home Decor

How to create an Epically Stylish home on a budget

– My tips on how to create an Epically Stylish home on a budget-

Although most of you are used to me sharing all things clothes and style, I wanted to kick off my very first blog post by sharing how I create an epically stylish living space on a budget. This has been in the forefront of my mind recently as my husband and I have just moved into our new home. I feel your home is a direct reflection of who you are. It’s an extension of our personalities and a fun way to showcase ourselves. When you invite friends and family over, you want to be proud of the space you live in! Sometimes creating the look you want can be a challenge, especially when you have a budget. Furniture and décor can be seriously expensive. So here are a few things I do and places I shop that can help you create the perfect glamorous look without breaking the bank. First, I find the exact items I want. My go to places are usually Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, or Restoration Hardware for inspiration. Don’t act in the moment and purchase right away. Take pictures and take your time searching for that exact piece online. Many retailers carry almost identical pieces for different prices, so always shop around.

Which leads me to my next point. When you’re creating your perfect space on a budget, there’s no need to rush the process and purchase everything at once. If you take your time and look for pieces you REALLY love, you won’t need to worry about buyer’s remorse down the road or the hassle of returning big ticket items like light fixtures, big furniture, area rugs, etc. These pieces are significant purchases and it’s never a good feeling when you come across the one you really wanted, but your money is tied up in a refund on an item you didn’t love. Take the time to think over and ‘sleep on’ each piece before you purchase it to ensure you are not buying something you ‘like’ just to have an item immediately. You have to love what you choose, because usually the bigger items you’re shopping for are not items you will be switching out regularly.

Third, don’t worry about shopping at name brand stores. No one will ever know the difference. Here are a list of my favorite stores to shop for home décor & accent pieces for a fraction of the price – HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Kirklands, Tuesday Morning, Pier 1, and Cracker Barrel. All of these stores have amazing selections & new inventory daily. For bigger furniture pieces my go-to places are American Furniture, Dynamic Home Décor, Baxton Furniture, Costco and, believe it or not, resale stores! It is amazing what you can find at a good resale store or antique shop! Just because a piece of furniture is used, doesn’t mean it’s a bad. So remember, creating the perfect living space is all about how you visually design it. Put your heart and soul into what you are creating and the outcome will be a unique reflection of you!

Epically Stylish
Joelle Masterson


My Favorite Fall Epic Outfits

My Favorite Fall Epic Outfits

When I first found out I was pregnant I made it a mission to make sure I didn’t lose my sense of style. I knew comfort was going to play a major part in my wardrobe as my body would be adjusting and stretching to grow another human. My excitement to shop for maternity clothes quickly wore off after a very unsuccessful trip to the mall. It was the first time in my life I left the mall feeling pretty discouraged. I hated the way everything looked on my new body. I don’t know why, but in my personal opinion maternity clothes are just not that cute. They definitely didn’t meet my standard of style or fit.

Luckily I have Epic Rain! Endless amounts of styles that I can play with to create stylish looks. I figured I’d always mix Epic Rain into my maternity wear but somehow I have managed to make it all I wear. Below I’m breaking down a few outfits I’m currently obsessed with! They are perfect for Fall, on trend, sexy, & fun! I believe you 100% can be stylish & pregnant! Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a video and images of how I pulled the following looks together.

This season is all about velvet, jewel tones, leopard print, oversized jackets, plaid everything & statement shoes! When I think about this seasons style my brain instantly goes to the movie clueless!

Outfit #1 – I paired our navy velvet crush leggings with our new holiday emerald green bomber, & a graphic tee. I of course went with my epic babe / baby shirt because it’s my favorite & topped the look off with my velvet over the knee maroon boots! Most people would never think to mix all of these vibrant colors together. I always try and step out of the box of a bit. I took casual pieces and made a statement outfit, all while being extremely comfy! Don’t be afraid to mix colors especially if they share the same fabric type. In this case everything was velvet which made the styles pop! I literally felt like I was wearing pj’s all day because all of these pieces are comfortable around the belly. Once I had it on, the compliments came rolling in!

Outfit #2– I love a classic black shift dress. Especially during the holidays! You can eat & drink what you what & anything expanding under it isn’t shown! This makes for a great maternity style. I love our black beauty velvet dress, it’s comfortable & has such a classic look. The off the shoulder sleeve detail gives this style a little sass! I also love that while it has that detail, the thick straps hold the dress up in place. You can also wear a regular bra! This is definitely my go to dress at the moment for any oh so fancy occasion. I paired it with my star booties and leopard jacket to make the outfit pop! However a black bootie, over the knee boots, or heels will look just as great!

Outfit #3– This one is for all of my leopard lovers! These leggings are seriously so comfortable & cute! Every time I wear them out people ask where they’re from. I said it before & I’ll say it again, leopard print is hot right now! If you don’t have it you need it! I paired them with our Epic Cozy Black Sweater. This sweater is super soft & has a cut out neckline detail. Also available in rust orange! I rocked this look with red booties. You can’t go wrong with the classic mixture of leopard, red, & black! This combination of styles is definitely maternity outfit goals!

Outfit #4– Give me all the sequence & skulls this season! This new sequence skirt is part of the new Epic Rain Holiday Collection. I am so obsessed with the sparkle I had to start rocking it now. To give room around my belly & for length I sized up. I took our Sassy skull button down top and tied it at the top of my baby belly! To keep the sparkle going I rocked this outfit with my silver glitter bootie heels. I call this my Halloween glam look! Be prepared to see me rocking this skirt again for Holiday with cozy sweaters! It’s definitely a must have statement piece.

Outfit #5– The moment I unpacked our Pretty In Bows Sweater Dress I fell madly in love! Usually, I don’t keep styles for myself in hopes of making sales, but I had to make an exception on this one. It’s another shift style dress so plenty of room from the chest down to knee. The sweater material is extremely soft. The slit bell sleeves with bow detail take this style from your basic grey sweater dress to something special. I pulled together this cozy look with our epic beanie hat, a plaid scarf, & white booties!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit all of my epic looks into the shoot for this post. I have so many more amazing outfits lined up to show y’all! As I go through this pregnancy journey I’ll be taking you along & showing you what I’m wearing. My hope is that I inspire you to find & create your own style, while embracing your new body & baby bump. Regardless of size, you can wear regular clothing that easily transitions during and after pregnancy. The best part is you won’t be wasting money on styles you wear for a short period of time or breaking the bank! All of the styles listed can be mix-matched, worn together, or separately with pieces you already own. It has always been a priority of mine to keep Epic Rain reasonably priced so everyone can afford to shop the brand! I didn’t attach links to each style because unlike many blogs mine is already attached to my Boutique. I did, however, list the names & prices of each item below.

Stay tuned! Next up on the blog I’m sharing my must have fall / winter shoes & how I stocked up on 6 pairs for under $200! Along with creating the perfect epically stylish table scape for the holidays, and my journey into making Epic Rain a Nashville staple for the next women of country. To stay up to date daily don’t forget to subscribe to our email list & Follow me on Instagram! @epicrainboutique & @joelle_masterson

P.S. All of the styles listed & shown are under $40!!
Velvet Crush Legging Navy or Black- $16
Very Valentine Velvet Dress- $36
Leopard Leggings- $11
Get Cozy Sweater Black or Rust- $32
Pretty In Bows Sweater Dress- $39
Epic Beanie Hat- $15
Sassy Skull Top- $21
Black Beauty Velvet Dress- $40
Emerald Green Bomber- Holiday coming soon!
Sequence Black Skirt- Holiday coming soon!

Epically Stylish

Joelle Masterson

Photography & Video by- Justin Mayotte


Must Have Holiday & Winter Shoes

My name is Joelle Masterson & I am a shoe addict! For real I love shopping for shoes. If I go missing in a store you can find me in the shoe department. Shoes can make or break an outfit. They can also make or break your bank. That’s why I’m breaking down my favorite places to purchase shoes along with my must have styles for the Holiday season.

I’ve never believed in purchasing extremely expensive shoes. My only exception would be a classic staple that will last you years like a black over the knee boot. Instead of spending $200 on one pair, I would much rather get 6 new pairs to mix and match with outfits. Having a mixture of colors and styles makes pulling an outfit together so much easier. You can have the perfect outfit or dress, but if you wear the wrong shoes it can completely ruin the look. Also, let’s face it, no one pays attention to your brand of shoes unless you are rocking a red bottom Christian Louboutin.

My favorite places to purchase fun & trendy shoes for a good price are as follows.
-DSW- I worked at DSW for 2 years as an Operations Manager, so I learned all about shoes and cost. Always go to the clearance section. Each month they rotate the sticker colors to move inventory. I have gotten so many amazing pairs for under $30! DSW has an exclusive deal with name brands allowing them to sell shoes at a cheaper price versus the higher end stores like Nordstrom or Macy’s. You can get the same shoes, but at DSW they will always be a little cheaper. They seriously have the best deals. Be sure to sign up for the shoe lover reward system, it is not a credit card. You can use the coupons earned on clearance.
-Target- Yes I said Target! They have seriously stepped up their fashion game. Every time I walk into Target I want to spend mad money. They do a fantastic job staying on trend within a good price range. The way the shoes are made are sometimes hit or miss but you can definitely find some great pairs. I find I always do well here with finding great casual style shoes. Target is also a fantastic place to get on trend jewelry for under $13.
-Forever 21- I never find cute shoes in the stores at Forever 21. However, online they have an amazing selection. They carry vendors that are not available in stores. I look through every page and when I find a style I love I read the reviews to check out the quality and fit. I have purchased 4 pairs of booties this season so far & love them all! I also direct all of my Epic Babes to Forever 21 for cool stage or statement shoes.
-TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls- I think everyone knows these 3 places are fantastic for finding all things fashion & home decor. I first always check out the display shoes on the shelves and racks in front of the shoe isles. They usually have the newest styles placed in this section. Then I make my way through my size to find my favorite pairs.

Below I listed my must have styles for winter & this holiday season. I managed to snag all of the following pairs for under $250. If you shop the places above so can you!

1- Sparkle booties
2- Velvet slides
3- Red booties
4- Star print boots
5- White leather booties
6- Plaid pointed toe heels or booties
7- Leopard & Snakeskin print booties
8- Metallic shoes
9- Over the knee black boots
10- Lace up booties

I hope this breakdown helps y’all find the perfect pairs. Also, remember just because a shoe is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. It’s all about breaking them in and finding what works best for you!

Epically Stylish
Joelle Masterson

Don’t forget to follow @epicrainboutique & @joelle_masterson on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date with me daily! You can now find me & shopping links to all of my styles on the 21 buttons app @epicallystylish! Have a question or blog suggestion? I want to hear from you email me at [email protected]

Photography- Justin Mayotte @squeeksontour