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Meadow loves to dance, sing, and perform. She is always telling us one day she is going to be a “rockstar”!  No denying the kid loves putting on a show. She loves going to dance each week. I am so happy to have found our forever school of arts home. Whether she takes performing seriously as she grows or just does it fun, I know Meadow is learning the skills and knowledge at Concordia Arts Academy to thrive in the future.

I am not your typical dance mom. Not the biggest fan of crazy outfits, over the top make up, and spray tanning my child. Which is one of the reasons why Concordia Arts really stuck out to me. They have a very classy approach. We share the same values across the board. Kate the owner is fabulous. She pours her heart and soul into the academy. Sienna her daughter is Meadow’s dance teacher. I love the entire Concordia Arts family!

If you have been looking to get your child involved in dance, musical theater, tumbling, music lessons, homeschool, etc, Concordia has it all! Kate wants every child to have the ability to learn the arts, which is why she is the most affordable arts school in our area! To give you a better idea of what makes Concordia Arts Academy so special, I asked Kate a few questions:

Why did you open Concordia Arts Academy?

1. I started Concordia Arts Academy to welcome families with children who want to study all arts. I imagined a place that I would love as a child and teen studying music, dance, theatre, art and more and that is how Concordia was born.

What makes Concordia different?

2.  Concordia Arts Academy is set apart from other academies because we are the only academy in Thompson’s Station that offers dance (all genres), aerial silks, music lessons (classical and commercial), art, musical theatre/drama and homeschool tutorials for ages 3-18. We are going to add cooking/baking classes this fall. Our wide variety of offerings make Concordia unique, fun and educational.

Tell me more about your programs?

3. Dance:  Our dance program offers classical ballet training, hoofer tap, modern, jazz, broadway jazz, contemporary and we also have Company for our more dedicated dancers. We start as early as 3 years old in ballet minis or ballet/tap combo classes. We focus on technique training with skilled and highly educated dance instructors and offer two performances per year for our dancers.

Music:  Our music lessons are taught by degreed or degree equivalent instructors. We focus on classical and jazz training in piano, violin, voice and commercial training in guitar, violin, voice, piano, drums and saxophone. Students perform in music recitals twice per year.

Art: Our art program is taught by a certified art instructor. She focuses on several mediums, colors, clay, chalk, pencil, painting and more. We have an art show each year for our art students.

Aerial Silks: Our aerial silks department is taught by our trained aerial silks instructor. We offer performance opportunities for our aerial students each year.

Drama/Musical Theatre: Our theatre department includes teachers trained in Shakespeare, Musical Theatre and Drama. We offer a wide variety of classical theatre, classic musical theatre and new musical theatre shows for students to perform. Each semester they learn theatre education, audition prep and necessary skills prior to working on shows. All of our shows are family friendly.

Homeschool:  Our homeschool tutorials are taught by degreed teachers. We focus on practical education including biblical and arts infused classes. Our program and teachers help parents and students whether they are just beginning their homeschool journey or are seasoned homeschool families. We offer preschool age through 12th grade tutorials.

Tell us more about the new location?

4. Our new location in Tollgate Village is going to be fabulous! We will have separate class rooms, three floors and all new sprung dance floors for our dance rooms. We have a safety plan in place to keep our students safe. Parents will love being able to visit Mojo’s or Ace Hardware in Tollgate while their kids are in classes! There is also a great hair salon, Ecco and an organic nail salon that parents can take advantage of while we teach their students. It is only 5 minutes from our old location and students that go to Independence High School or live in Tollgate Village will be able to walk to Concordia!

As you can tell from the answers above Concordia is the top arts school in our area! click here to register your child!



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