Our Black Brick Home

When I first told people I was going to paint our house black I got two reactions, either “Wow! That is going to look amazing!” or they’d look at me like I’d lost my mind. We did it anyway and let me tell you, our home looks incredible. Actually, it looks way better than I ever imagined.

We paint our homes white, gray, navy or brown. Why not black? Black is a neutral color and in my personal opinion, the best color. It appears these days everyone building new homes are going with a white home with black accents. However, recently black on black or black with white accents is trending. Black paint emphasizes the architectural details of the home or building.

Our before and after is shockingly good. From the moment we purchased our home I knew painting the exterior was a must. For the last three years the interior of our home did not match the outside. We almost painted our home white when we first moved in and I am so thankful we waited. With a love for home decor and interior design each room of our home is decorated with mindfulness and style. The inside is classic using a black and white color pallet, mixed with glam and modern details. I knew from the moment I saw a painted black brick wall our exterior had to be black.

Since painting our home, we have had so many people stop to take pictures and ask questions. With being bold and brave we gave our home the ultimate makeover. We used Sherwin Williams outdoor paint in the color Tricorn Black. Make sure you hire a professional to do the painting. We used the company CertaPro and they did a fantastic job! I am a big believer that the outside of your home shares a little bit of who you are with the world. Our house now tells a story of our style from the outside in. If you are considering painting the exterior of your home black, I am here to tell you to do it.  The before and after photos really do the talking. See them attached below.



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