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Well y’all as I head into my 5 year anniversary weekend I cannot help but reminisce on mine and Brian’s big day. How has it already been five years?? While every detail of our wedding day was not perfect, the man I married is perfect for me! I am so thankful for Brian and this beautiful life we have built together. I met Brian when I was 22 years old. I knew he was the one then and today at 32, ten years later, my tall, dark, handsome husband still gives me butterflies.

Every year for our anniversary we get excited and we celebrate because nothing is more important in life (aside from Meadow) than the love we share. Our relationship and the love we have for each other is the foundation of our home. It deserves to be celebrated and it’s healthy to do so. Obviously we love each other everyday, but anniversaries bring out all the feels and it’s a little extra. Anniversaries are not about gifts, at least not for us. Yes, we do usually get each other something little and I always get flowers. However, we don’t spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for each other. Instead, we typically pick a destination together and then take a long weekend to head out of town. This year we decided to bring Meadow along. We are headed to Marco Island/Naples for 11 days. I am so excited for some beach time and pool days. While this topic was fresh in my mind I figured I’d go ahead and share some fun things we have done and do to celebrate.

Ladies, still have that wedding dress in the closet? Pull her out, get glam and take his breath away at home. Listen, you didn’t pay all that money to wear the dress once. This is totally acceptable and trust me your man might think you are crazy, but he will love it!

Cook or order take out. Grab a few bottles of wine. Watch your favorite movies. Play board games while eating dinner on the living room floor picnic style. Get tipsy in the comfort of your own home and enjoy!

Agree ahead of time to skip out on gifts and instead write each other a love note. Every year Brian gives me a card and writes the sweetest note. I have them all saved and look forward to reading my card every year. Another fun thing to do, if you saved all of your wedding cards is to take them out of the box and spend time together reading them. Follow up by watching your wedding video! You can also never go wrong with a couples spa day. This might take some convincing but once you get your man to go he will be hooked! Who doesn’t love a nice 90 minute couples massage? Lastly if there is one thing I learned while working at Victoria Secret all those years it was to always keep it sexy! Buy the lingerie & set the mood. No further explanation needed.

Seriously, celebrate each other everyday. Life is short! Give the compliments, say thank you and never go to sleep without saying “I Love You.” I am no relationship expert, but I do know these things are key!



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Hi, I am Joelle! First and foremost, I am a Mom to 3 year old Meadow and wife to Brian. We live in the beautiful town of Franklin, TN 20 minutes outside of Nashville! Known for my black + white aesthetic, Mom + Mini fashion, luxury interior design, and over all lifestyle - I hope to inspire you to stand out from the crowd! As a licensed TN real estate agent, I can help make your dream home possible! I take on interior design projects for luxury homes in the Nashville area. Check out my real estate page for more information!

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