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Headed out? Don’t worry about forgetting anything with a pre-packed car caddy!

Let’s face it mamas, leaving the house with a toddler is a task. The fear of forgetting something is real. We have all been there. Poopy diaper? Stuck with no wipes? Hungry screaming child with no snacks?That is why I always attempt to stay ahead of the game and have the car packed with everything we could ever possibly need. I learned this the hard way after a few quick trips with the mindset of “Well I’ll only be gone for about a half hour. She should be fine!” NOT! It’s better to be prepared!

First off, I’m sure to always pack our diaper bag to the nines with the essentials and that obviously goes with me inside wherever we are headed. I have definitely had moments when I forgot to refill the bag. For that reason our car caddy is stocked with back ups to cover the forgetful Mom or Dad brain moments. Oh and while we are on the topic of diaper bags, mine is by the brand Itzy Ritzy! I absolutely love it. You can find all the details on that in my previous Itzy Ritzy blog post!

Every parent should utilize a car caddy organizer it has made my life so much easier. I’m going to break it down by section of what I pack in ours.
First is the changing/entertainment section:
– Diapers and wipes. (We usually use the Costco brand for both. They are great in quality and price.)
– A&D ointment
– A dirty diaper holder
– A stuffed animal or toy
– A book
The next section is the food section (you will ALWAYS be refilling this, so stock up):
– Water bottles
– Organic snacks
– Gerber organic squeeze pouches
– Yogurt bites
– Nubby teething gel
– Camila drops (If you have a teething child and don’t use these drops run, don’t walk, to your local pharmacy and GRAB them. They’re also 100% natural.)
These a life savers for the moments when you child randomly gets hungry. Plus it always gives me peace of mind knowing I have food in the car, heaven forbid we ever break down.
Last, I add in two emergency outfits. Try to choose styles you won’t really miss day to day. I do leggings and a Gerber onesie and then another more stylish look just in case our girl needs to look fashionable! Also, if you have a girl, do not forget the bows! I always have bows on hand to prevent the “Oh HE is so cute” comments! Bows are definitely an essential.

That pretty much sums up everything I stock in our car caddy. I hope this helps you feel more prepared when you’re on the go. You can find direct links to my exact caddy and everything in it on my LTK. The link is attached below and can always be found under the shop section on my website.



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