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My name is Joelle Masterson & I am a shoe addict! For real I love shopping for shoes. If I go missing in a store you can find me in the shoe department. Shoes can make or break an outfit. They can also make or break your bank. That’s why I’m breaking down my favorite places to purchase shoes along with my must have styles for the Holiday season.

I’ve never believed in purchasing extremely expensive shoes. My only exception would be a classic staple that will last you years like a black over the knee boot. Instead of spending $200 on one pair, I would much rather get 6 new pairs to mix and match with outfits. Having a mixture of colors and styles makes pulling an outfit together so much easier. You can have the perfect outfit or dress, but if you wear the wrong shoes it can completely ruin the look. Also, let’s face it, no one pays attention to your brand of shoes unless you are rocking a red bottom Christian Louboutin.

My favorite places to purchase fun & trendy shoes for a good price are as follows.
-DSW- I worked at DSW for 2 years as an Operations Manager, so I learned all about shoes and cost. Always go to the clearance section. Each month they rotate the sticker colors to move inventory. I have gotten so many amazing pairs for under $30! DSW has an exclusive deal with name brands allowing them to sell shoes at a cheaper price versus the higher end stores like Nordstrom or Macy’s. You can get the same shoes, but at DSW they will always be a little cheaper. They seriously have the best deals. Be sure to sign up for the shoe lover reward system, it is not a credit card. You can use the coupons earned on clearance.
-Target- Yes I said Target! They have seriously stepped up their fashion game. Every time I walk into Target I want to spend mad money. They do a fantastic job staying on trend within a good price range. The way the shoes are made are sometimes hit or miss but you can definitely find some great pairs. I find I always do well here with finding great casual style shoes. Target is also a fantastic place to get on trend jewelry for under $13.
-Forever 21- I never find cute shoes in the stores at Forever 21. However, online they have an amazing selection. They carry vendors that are not available in stores. I look through every page and when I find a style I love I read the reviews to check out the quality and fit. I have purchased 4 pairs of booties this season so far & love them all! I also direct all of my Epic Babes to Forever 21 for cool stage or statement shoes.
-TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls- I think everyone knows these 3 places are fantastic for finding all things fashion & home decor. I first always check out the display shoes on the shelves and racks in front of the shoe isles. They usually have the newest styles placed in this section. Then I make my way through my size to find my favorite pairs.

Below I listed my must have styles for winter & this holiday season. I managed to snag all of the following pairs for under $250. If you shop the places above so can you!

1- Sparkle booties
2- Velvet slides
3- Red booties
4- Star print boots
5- White leather booties
6- Plaid pointed toe heels or booties
7- Leopard & Snakeskin print booties
8- Metallic shoes
9- Over the knee black boots
10- Lace up booties

I hope this breakdown helps y’all find the perfect pairs. Also, remember just because a shoe is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. It’s all about breaking them in and finding what works best for you!

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